The first year of your baby's life is very special and I love to photograph any stage of it!


👶 The perfect time for a newborn photo session is between 5-14 days old. During this short period, babies can be posed beautifully and sleep deeply. They have that adorable "newborn look" that reminds us of the miracle of birth. Don't miss this fleeting stage!

💖 To ensure your spot for a newborn photo session, it's best to book in advance based on your due delivery month. My limited spaces fill up quickly!

⏰ The session may last around 3 hours, but don't worry! We spend half of that time feeding and comforting your baby to ensure they're sleepy and content for the portraits.

🌈 I offer a variety of props to enhance the photos, including cute hats, headbands, wraps, and more. Some shots may involve the baby being naked to capture their tiny size.

🔥 Keeping the room warm is crucial for the baby's comfort. I take extra measures, like using space heaters and playing soothing white noise or gentle music, to help babies stay calm and asleep.

🙅‍♀️ I never force babies into uncomfortable poses. Their comfort and safety are my top priorities.

ğŸŽ’ Remember to bring pacifiers, extra diapers, wipes, and formula or bottles if needed. You can also bring special blankets or toys you'd like to include in the photos.

💤 My favorite poses include a baby sleeping in a basket with their head resting on their hands—adorable for a birth announcement! I also love the image of a baby curled up on their belly with hands tucked under their head and feet tucked under their butt. Babies find this pose comforting as it reminds them of the womb.

📷 Let us capture the fleeting beauty of your newborn. Contact us to book your session today! 😊



If your baby is older than 2 weeks – that’s OK! Just know that older babies would not curl up as easily. We will focus more on images of the baby awake, nicely ticked in a basket or handheld shots.

3 MONTH With ample head strength , touching toes and responsive smiles, this is a special time to photograph.

6 MONTH While they are sitting up like a pro, but not quite crawling yet this stage opens up many of new poses.

9 MONTH Normally one of the most smiley: they sit, they crawl and stand up with assistance.


1 year olds

1st birthdays are a very special opportunity to celebrate the growing and curiosity of your child! Cake smashing is a unique and fun way to capture a baby's 1st birthday. Bring a cake of your choice to the session and we will let your baby eat and play with it while I will take photos :) If you don't like the idea of smash cake we can always use an artificial cake instead just to show that your baby is having a birthday!


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