Some questions of a new parents about newborn photography 1. What is the ideal age for a newborn photo session? The ideal age for newborn photo session is between 5 – 14 days. Newborns change so much in the first weeks of life. When they are first born, they are able to bend and curl into these sweet little poses. They sleep in such a deep sleep that sometimes it is impossible to wake them up. And they have that precious, brand-new “newborn look” that reminds us of the miracle of birth. All these amazing characteristics will begin to disappear forever after just a couple of short weeks. The goal of newborn photography is to capture this extremely short stage in your baby’s life. It is a session centered on capturing the beauty and newness of this tiny little miracle that you have brought into the world. 2. When should you book your session? Of course, when you have a newborn baby in your arms finding a photographer is not going to be first thing in your priority list. It is easier to book a photo session in advance, before the baby arrives. 3. How long does a session take? Newborn photo session can last 1-3 hours – that may seem like a long time, but usually about half of that time is spent feeding and comforting the baby to get him or her as sleepy and happy as possible for the portraits. 4. What should your baby wear to a newborn session? Usually newborn photos are done naked to capture the tininess of being a newborn. I offer a wide selection of newborn props like handmade knit and crochet hats, headbands, diaper covers, costumes, colored wraps, scarves, blankets, baskets to photograph your newborn baby. 5. What do you do to make sure the baby is comfortable? One of the most important things is to make sure the room is very warm. I keep the heat turned on and have a space heater next to the baby. I also play white sound or soft music. This keeps babies calm and asleep. I also never force a baby into a pose he or she is uncomfortable in. 6. What else should you bring? Some good things to bring are pacifiers, some extra diapers and wipes, extra formula or bottles if you are not breastfeeding, and any special blankets or toys that you want to include in the photos. 7. Which poses are your favorites? I always love the photos of a baby in a basket sleeping with his head resting on his hands, it’s very sweet and cute for a birth announcement shot. I also love a baby curled up on his belly with his hands tucked under the side of his head and feet tucked under his butt. Most babies love to be in that pose because it reminds them of the womb.